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Text Neck Also Known as Tech Neck
What Are the Symptoms of Text Neck?
Text neck most commonly causes neck pain and soreness in the supporting muscles.

Looking down at your mobile phone too much each day can lead to upper back pain, ranging from chronic nagging pain to sharp, severe upper back spasms, to shoulder pains and muscle spasm. Research also shows that the posture sustained in text neck can result in diminished vital capacity of the lungs by as much as 30%.

This shortness of breath or decreased oxygen input can lead to heart and blood vessel disease.

Can Text Neck Cause Headaches?
With the neck flexed, shoulders curved and back hunched for prolonged periods, you will irritate the nervous system and headaches may result along with neck and upper back pain.

The strain causes inflammation and fixation/misalignments of the vertebrae which will then cause irritation to the nerves in the neck and upper back causing pain and headaches.

What Can I Do About It?
There are many ways to avoid excess strain of the neck when you are using your devices. These tips are useful for not only your phone use but also iPad, laptop, kindle etc

  • Raise the phone so it is level with your eyes to avoid the head tilt.
  • Stand up straight keeping your body in an aligned neutral position.
  • Take frequent breaks away from your phone.
  • Arch and stretch to relieve built up tension.
  • Stay fit. A strong and flexible back and neck are more able to handle extra stress.

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