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Make Yourself at Home

New patients often remark how welcoming it is at Eastern Suburbs Chiropractic Rosebery. That’s good because our goal is to offer excellent chiropractic care in comfortable surroundings.

You will find plenty of convenient parking. You will be greeted by name when you enter our office. Every effort will be made to ensure your comfort.

You will be given paperwork to fill out which will allow our Chiropractors to know your concerns and areas of complaint, as well as your general state of health.

Your first visit will take from 45 minutes to an hour and will involve a number of steps to determine what your problem is and whether we can help you.

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Our aim is to locate and correct Subluxations so that your body can function normally and begin it’s natural healing process. As Gonstead practitioners we will use the following methods of analysis to evaluate your condition:

1. Your Health History
Your Gonstead Chiropractor is interested in what kind of problems or discomfort you are experiencing.

There are many factors that cause spinal problems – falls, motor vehicle accidents, sports injuries and incorrect lifting. Sometimes posture, emotional stress or lifestyle habits such as improper exercise, sleep and diet will contribute.

Your Chiropractor will ask questions regarding the location and characteristics of your problem, and what activities will typically relieve or aggravate it. This important information will help to evaluate your condition and how your overall health affects it.

2. Visualisation
Your Chiropractor can gain a lot of information from observing your spine.

The curves of the spine, the levels of your head, shoulders and hips, give an indication of your spinal health. Often the way in which you walk, or move your body, will give a clue as to the location of the Subluxation.

3. Instrumentation
Your Gonstead Chiropractor uses an instrument which measures skin temperature on either side of the spine.

Abnormal heat distribution is a sign of possible nerve dysfunction. This evidence helps your Chiropractor determine the presence of the Subluxation and to monitor the improvement once treatment has commenced.

4. Static Palpation
This is a method of feeling your spine and surrounding tissues for problems, including local tenderness or swelling.

Your Chiropractor also feels for the presence of tight or tender muscle fibres while your spine is in a stationary and relaxed position.

5. Motion Palpation
Reduction of normal movement between two segments in the spine is a sign of possible problems.

Your Gonstead Chiropractor compares the motion between individual spinal segments while moving your spine in different directions. Reduced movement between segments will help locate the Subluxation.

6. X-ray Analysis
X-Rays, like MRI’s, C-T scans and ultrasounds do not, on their own, tell anyone what your problem is.

That is determined by the five important steps above, with a thorough history an examination. Once the potential subluxation has been located from your physical examination, x-rays will help to analyse why that problem presented itself and, most importantly, assist your Chiropractor to determine the best and most logical way to correct it.

Your posture, as it appears on the X-ray, provides important information about how your body is reacting to the natural forces of gravity. Your Gonstead Chiropractor can accurately measure the segments of your spine to provide a three-dimensional picture of the misalignment.

Your Chiropractor will also look at your weight bearing X-rays for signs of pathology (or disease) and fracture. The condition of the discs, the joints of the spine and any abnormalities that you were born with are also evaluated from the X-ray.

Once your X-ray findings are considered, your Chiropractor can combine these important factors, with your examination results, to determine which specific adjustment is necessary to correct your Subluxation.

Specific and Effective
It is a gentle technique suited to everyone from infants to the elderly
and is an accurate means of analysis and correction of the Subluxation.