After Care Instructions For Your Adjustment

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Instructional directions to assist you with after care maintenance for your adjustment


Some localised tenderness may be noticed, especially if you were in pain prior to your adjustment. This is a normal reaction by the muscle and surrounding soft tissue.

Apply an ice pack that is wrapped in a cloth or paper towel to the area that the chiropractor has suggested for 15 minutes. Remove for 1 hour. (Any more than this and you run the risk of frostbite!)

Repeat this procedure as needed to help reduce pain and swelling. Lie on your side to ice; try to avoid sitting on an ice pack while icing your low back


 Try to stay gently mobile as much as possible. Walking (or crawling) induces motion, which is good. When sitting try to do so in a straight backed chair. (Avoid recliners and couches.)


 Do not use heat (which increases swelling) near the spine. Avoid smoking (which interferes with healing). Do not carry large purses or carry your wallet in your back pocket. (These can alter biomechanics of your lower back.)


Drink large amounts of water. This will help flush toxins from your body and help your body to heal. Eat vegetables and fruits – these also help the healing process. Avoid alcohol (this will increase the swelling).

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