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Decrease the Risk of Falls & Injuries

Chiropractic is essential for the more mature adult, as it increases the quality of their life. Research shows Chiropractic can decrease the risk of falls and therefore injuries which can leave the patient with disabilities.*

The more mature adult may have different issues on presentation to our office.

Often they may have already been through some surgery, whether it be knee, hip, shoulder or low back. Any of these operations may leave you with other problems over time due to different wear and tear and deterioration patterns, scarring and adhesions.

Chiropractic does not say we can make you an 18 year old again however we can correct any subluxations we find that could be causing interference to your natural healing abilities and, equally as important, reduce the rate of deterioration as you age.

Balance is often an issue as we age, leaving us more prone to falls and less confident to go out and fully enjoy life.

Chiropractic can help correct spinal biomechanical imbalances which can help your gait, and your balance.

Research has shown that Chiropractic can make a huge difference and help you be more stable on your feet. *

*(Refer to video on the elderly)

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