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Since 1982 We Have Been Involved in Caring for the Families in Our Community for up to 4 Generations.

Chiropractors are primary health care physicians.

We do not need a referral but are happy to accept referrals as we work well with the medical profession. Did you know that 90% of stimulation and nutrition of your brain is generated by the movement of the spine?

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Chiropractors Say Learn to Live With Health Not Pain and Disease.

We at Eastern Suburbs Chiropractic are open 6 days per week.

Some Side effects of Chiropractic care-breath deeper and better, better posture, less sickness, improved energy. *

*please refer to research material in the video section

We’d Love to Meet You and Answer Your Questions.
We work with people from all ages, from babies to the elderly: all walks of life,
from manual labourers to office workers and all activity levels, from elite athletes to couch potatoes.