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Sports Injuries Are Injuries That Occur in Athletic Activities or Exercising.
What Causes Adhesive Capsulitis?
Adhesive capsulitis occurs as the area around the shoulder joint thickens and contracts.

However, the reasons for the condition are not fully understood. Adhesive capsulitis seems to be associated with systemic issues, eg it’s more common in people with diabetes, it affects about 10% -20% of diabetics, they have also found a link with people who have had heart surgery, or thyroid issues.

Chiropractors, in their clinical experience have found that correcting body biomechanics and clearing any nerve interference has had amazing results.

Why Do Sports Injuries Occur?
Acute injuries are those that happen immediately with no previous history of problem. They happen due to an awkward landing or fall or severe jarring.

Chronic injury is when there has been repeated overuse of joints and muscle groups, biomechanical dysfunction creating poor body mechanics which then encourages micro trauma to joints and surrounding tissues. Often it is an injury site that has never been treated and has never had the opportunity to heal strong.

Chiropractors understand that if the spine is not functioning properly and you have poor body mechanics you put yourself at risk of injury whether at exercise or daily life. At Eastern Suburbs Chiropractic, we understand the stages of injury and take care to help you with your personal sporting goals.

At all times we are aware of the need to promote optimal healing while getting you back to your activities as soon as possible.

How Can Eastern Suburbs Chiropractic Help?
The pain of the frozen shoulder may get better on its own, but improvement can take 2-3 years.

At Eastern Suburbs Chiropractic centre the Doctor will take you through a thorough assessment of your spine and shoulder. We may need to take x-rays to better help us to understand and deal with your treatment.

We will be specifically looking for any misalignments creating biomechanical distortions throughout your shoulder girdle therefore putting your shoulder at greater risk of getting the condition in the first place, and nerve interference which will interfere with the body’s ability to heal.

Once the interference to your normal function is found, the Doctor will specifically adjust you. You will also receive some specific exercise to do at home and some postural advice. We have found that we have greatly improved the healing time and debilitation caused from having the condition known as frozen shoulder.

How Can You Avoid Injury?
  • Have an appropriate level of fitness for the activity
  • Warm up
  • Be smart about your training
  • Eat a balanced diet and drink plenty of water
  • Listen to your body with rest and recovery and understand the difference between elite sports and recreational activities
  • MOST IMPORTANT is to make sure your body is functioning at it’s optimum before placing extra stress through it.

At Eastern Suburbs Chiropractic the Doctors of Chiropractic are all highly trained in dealing with sports and extremity injuries. With our years of experience, we have encountered all types of injury.

Injury prevention is obviously the best course of action. Injury prevention is an effort to prevent or reduce the severity of bodily injuries caused by external mechanisms such as accidents, before they happen.

This is where Chiropractic excels. Before you start a new form of exercise or sporting activity come in and let our experienced Doctors examine and assess your spine and correct any dysfunction so you can perform at your optimum.

This means that when you are impacted by forces external to yourself you are better able to adapt to those forces and absorb the shock.

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