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Posture is the major negative influence on the spine of office workers.

Their work conditions are often very unbalanced in activity. They sit for too many hours at a time with little or no movement.

Because you can’t change your work situation and you sit for most of the time, outside work hours it is best to balance your life with activity and actions that reverse the negative postures of sitting for long periods of time.

Office workers need to take regular breaks, they don’t have to be long breaks, just enough to stand walk a few steps or march on the spot and reposition themselves with their bottom right to the back of the seat. The feet need to be flat on the floor. This is best to be done every 30-45 minutes. At lunchtime it is a great time to go for a 20-30 minute walk, take deep breaths and long comfortable strides.

It is very important to make sure your work station is set up to your specific requirements. The height of the chair so your arms are resting comfortably on the desk with your shoulders relaxed. The chair should have no arm rests so the chair can be pulled in under the desk.

The computer screen needs to be level with your eyes, so you may need to place the screen on a book or one of those old yellow pages books we all have lying around. You need to be sitting square to the computer screen. Do not sit twisted or with your neck turned to one side for any length of time.

At Eastern Suburbs Chiropractic we will give you a thorough examination to check for any subluxations causing nerve interference. We will correct these subluxations which will then have you functioning at your optimum, so you will notice less pain and increase focus and energy.

We will give you advise on your posture and exercise routine to encourage a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

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