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Exercise Is Moving in a Balanced Functional Way

Heavy lifting and awkward positions held for periods at a time are the major negative influences on the “tradies” spine.

The repetitiveness of lifting during the day or shovelling for hours at a time can cause micro traumas which will build up over time to eventually cause “overload”. This “last straw” is often reported as something as simple as putting on shoes in the morning or picking up the towel off the floor.

Tradies often feel they get enough exercise at work. True, they may be active at work but often in ways that overload the spine. Exercise is moving in a balanced functional way, that is in tune with the body’s needs. Good exercise also includes a sense of mental release and relaxation, none of this happens in the workplace on an average day.

Whatever our work day entails, we need to keep fit to work efficiently. Even tradies need a little balanced exercise in their daily routine, swimming or walking are a great way to stay fit, healthy and strong also giving good mental release and relaxation.

A Chiropractic evaluation is an excellent way to know that your spine is biomechanically sound and healthy enough to take on the hard work of a tradie.

If you have already hurt yourself the sooner you seek our care the quicker we will have you feeling well again and able to return to work.

Strength and Fatigue

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