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Headaches Can Be Sharp, Aching, Dull or Throbbing Pain
What If You Ignore the Headaches and Don't Treat Them?
If there is an underlying spinal fixation triggering or aggravating your headaches then there is a good chance it will continue to return and gradually they may get stronger and more frequent.

We understand how difficult it is to live with headaches and will make every effort to reduce their frequency and intensity in the shortest time possible.

How Can We Help?
At Eastern Suburbs Chiropractic, we take a thorough history relating to your symptoms. This is important as it gives us clues to the underlying cause of your headache.

Often the problem is found in the neck with headaches, but that is not always the case. There are different issues with different types of headaches and they may be associated with hormonal issues, chemical toxicity or allergies. As a result we have to search the whole spine for where the nerve irritation is to be found.

We find when people get relief for their headaches from Chiropractic care they will return next time before reaching for their medication again.

We do a thorough assessment of your spine, this may include x-rays of your whole spine. We also feel how each of your vertebrae are moving with very gentle movements to find areas of fixation which need to be corrected.

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